MRSc Night Out July 2009

A warm breeze, beautiful sunset, good food and stimulating company – who could ask for anything more? Colette Widmer Leu (from Switzerland) was coming to Vancouver and because she was not able to make her graduation a few of us arranged to have dinner at the Watermark Restaurant on Kits Beach in Vancouver on July 16. There was a little chat about the master’s program – Astrid St. Pierre is waiting to hear about which issue her paper will be published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing – Sue Stanton believes with approximately 25 new learners starting this Fall, the combined programs will grow to 120 active learners — Since graduating Nancy Wellwood had a fantastic trip to the Ukraine which she strongly recommends. Everyone agreed that we should make these dinners more regular so watch this blog for future dates. And… feel free to post!

Colette, Sue and Nancy

Colette, Sue and Nancy


3 thoughts on “MRSc Night Out July 2009

  1. Dale Graham

    How wonderful!
    Wish I could have met Colette, as well as others from closer to home.
    Hope everyone continues to enjoy the summer.
    I’m missing my UBC connection since my teaching stint with 581 finished – but I had forgotten about blog-power. Just added it to my Links toolbar so I am reminded to check in once in a while.

  2. Mary Clark Post author

    Thanks Dale
    I can see it – but that’s no help! Is anyone else having difficulty? Let me know and I’ll keep checking on it. I may have to make the size a bit smaller.

    Great idea re: adding the blog to your Links toolbar. You can also establish a RSS feed and the postings will come to you. You don’t even have to visit, although I hope you do so you’ll post a comment. Dale and I need company!

    Just click on that orange square and follow the directions. OR….

    Don’t know what a RSS feed is or if you want one? Click on RSS Feed How To’s under Pages (see upper right). This page has a YouTube video that will explain what it means, if it’s for you, and how to set it up.


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