Rehab Science Online Studies Start September 8

This Fall we are welcoming 23 new learners to our program; 7 are entering the UBC Master of Rehabilitation Science program; 8 are entering the McMaster Master of Science program, and 8 into the Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation.  As well, 4 of our former Graduate Certificate learners have transferred into the master’s programs. These learners bring a broad range of knowledge and experience to the program, enriching the inter-professional discussions and course work. In this new group we have people with backgrounds in chiropractics, health promotion, physical education, early behavioural intervention, nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy. They join those of similar background and others who work in dietetics, kinesiology and massage therapy. The common link is an interest in health and rehabilitation, and pursuing graduate work to improve their practices.

We are also pleased to announce our new instructors. Click on their names to link to more information on our program website.


Bonnie Baxter is a speech-language pathologist with a passion for helping fellow clinicians discover practical ways to participate in the research community, believing it will help enrich their work satisfaction and clinical effectiveness. She will be teaching RHSC 501/ RS 705 Evaluating Sources of Evidence.

duran_j1Leslie Duran is an occupational therapist who completed her graduate studies at Colorado State University in 1995. She has worked with older adults in residential care, transitional care, and academia. Leslie also has extensive experience teaching across North America and world-wide.  She is passionate about teaching and excited about facilitating learning online in the RHSC 583 Applying Research to Practice – Rehabilitation and the Elderly.

jennyyoung_smJenny Young obtained her Masters in Bioethics from the Medical College of Wisconsin (primarily online) in 2004. Her thesis was about choosing death in rehabilitation, inspired by two individuals at GF Strong who made this choice. She has worked part time as an ethicist for Vancouver Coastal Health since 2006, doing case consultations, education and presentations, and policy review. Jenny will be teaching RHSC 583 Applying Research to Practice – Ethics in Practice, starting in February 2010.

1 thought on “Rehab Science Online Studies Start September 8

  1. Dale Graham

    Hi Everyone
    Pleased to read of growing enrolment and new instructors. I had the pleasure to chat or exchange emails with some of the folks making decisions about entering the MRSc, and/or transferring from the graduate certificate into the MRSc. I hope this blog may be a way that we can initiate or extend these type of exchanges, with veteran students mentoring new ones, and so on.
    So excited that my colleague and friend Leslie Duran will be teaching with the program this fall. Leslie is not only a great facilitator with strong research and clinical background, but also a stellar human being and an aspiring cellist!
    All the best,
    Dale Graham

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