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November 2010 Grad Reception and Speech

MRSc Grads: Clare Faulkner, Claudia Hernandez Riano, Jennifer Stephenson and Maureen Duggan. Unable to attend: Caroline Jones, Meg O’Brien and Peter Rowe

There was great debate at this year’s reception: which is harder to overcome — the horizontal sheets of rain that characterize November in Vancouver, or the 6 inches of snow and slush that covered Vancouver during Convocation week? For the graduates who had planned to attend the reception, and had slogged their way through master’s and doctoral programs, the weather was nothing in comparison. For the online Master of Rehabilitation Science graduates, the desire to meet their fellow learners face-to-face overcame any worry about the weather.

Instructors, faculty, family, friends, fellow students and alumni joined the graduates to celebrate their accomplishments. Sue Stanton welcomed everyone and began the formal presentations by suggesting to the graduates that their convocation become another anniversary, “to reflect on, to celebrate, and to recall upon in the future.” Dr. Ross MacGillivray the Vice-Dean, Academic Affairs, Faculty of Medicine brought greetings from the Dean of Medicine Dr. Gavin Stuart, and recalled his various graduations of the past while congratulating those who would cross the stage on Friday. Dr. Lyn Jongbloed recognized both the Doctors of Philosophy Allan Kozlowski and Marc Roig, and presented flowers to Master of Science graduate Rochelle Stokes who was able to attend. The Urban Poling Activator Award was presented by Mandy Shintani and Graham Watts to Sarah Neil. This new award recognizes students who are researching rehabilitation and cancer research.

MRSc Grads’ Speech
Four graduates Maureen Duggan, Clare Faulkner, Claudia Hernandez Riano and Jennifer Stephenson spoke about the online master’s and were also the voices for the graduates who were unable to attend, but of course, sent their messages online. They concluded their speech with:

On the logo of the Online Master of Rehabilitation Science learner’s guide three key concepts are highlighted: Connect – Learn – Succeed. The Fall MRSc 2010 Graduates have all travelled slightly different paths to get to this day but it can be honestly said “we’ve connected, learned and succeeded!”

Click here to listen to the entire speech.

More information on the MRSc Winter 2010 graduates can be found on the MRSc program website.

MRSc Grads Continue to Publish Their Research

The following research papers were recently published or accepted for publication in peer reviewed journals. Congratulations to the authors who persevered after graduation to publish their research and expand the reach of their new knowledge. This knowledge transfer is vital to rehabilitation practice.

Davidson, K. F., & Bressler, S. I. (2010). Piloting a points-based caseload measure for community based paediatric occupational and physiotherapists. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 77(3), 174-180. doi: 10.2182/cjot.2010.01.00

Hurtubise, K., & Carpenter, C. (in press). Parents’ experience with role negotiation within an infant services program.  Infants and Young Children, 24(1).

Widmer, C., & Beach, C. (2010). Use of standardized assessments for low back pain patients: Influence on physiotherapists’ clinical reasoning. Physioscience, 6(1), 2-12. doi:

If you are a graduate from the program and have published your research or presented it at a recent conference, please let us know by emailing:

Many thanks!

November 2010 Graduates and Topics of Research

Please join us in congratulating our latest graduates. A reception honouring them will be held on November 25, 2010, the evening before their convocation in Vancouver. For further information please contact us at Their full abstracts will be posted on the MRSc website by mid-November, under Research For You – Major Project Research.

Maureen Duggan from Burnaby, BC. Outcome Measurement in the Total Joint Arthroplasty Patient: Identifying Barriers and Facilitators of its Use.

Clare Faulkner from Sidney, BC. Comparison of the Norwich Regime to the Static Splinting Protocol for Extensor Tendon Injuries.

Claudia Hernandez from Toronto, ON. Pilot Project to Explore Clinicians’ Experiences and Lessons Learned Related to a Patient Safety Initiative: The SAFE Initiative at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

Caroline Jones from Aurora, ON. Usefulness of the WOMAC and the MDHAQ Questionnaires in an Outpatient Osteoarthritis Clinic.

Meg O’Brien from Kanata, ON. Understanding Physiotherapists’ Experiences with Job Rotations

Peter Rowe from Ottawa, ON. The Recent Experiences and Challenges of Military Physiotherapists Deployed in Afghanistan.

Jennifer Stephenson, Kelowna, BC. Characteristics of Successful Intraprofessional Relationships between Occupational Therapists/Physical Therapists and Therapist Assistants.

Connecting with Graduates

After 5 years of trans-Atlantic studies Claudia Hernandez (left) and Chris Carpenter meet at Claudia’s workplace, the Toronto Rehabilitation Centre. Chris was conducting a seminar at the Centre and is currently at Coventry University in England.

Many of our graduates and their research supervisors meet for the first time at professional conferences, sometimes to present together. This summer, at the Canadian Physiotherapy Congress in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Dr. Chris Carpenter met Peter Rowe to present his research regarding: Recent Experiences and Challenges of Military Physiotherapists Deployed in Afghanistan. Maureen Duggan was unable to attend the Congress but her research,  Outcome Measurement in the Total Joint Arthroplasty Patient: Identifying Barriers and Facilitators of its Use, was presented as part of a larger study led by Alison Hoens.

Staff Changes in the Online Programs

Change happens to us all…

Lois Nightingale has accepted a position as coordinator of the portfolios for the Associate Dean Students and Assistant Dean Student Services in the Faculty of Arts at UBC. We congratulate Lois on her new role and wish her every success. Lois has been with the Rehabilitation Science Online Programs since August, 2007. During this time she has implemented many improvements to our learner supports and accounting systems. Like the 2010 Spring Graduates, we too are not sure what we will do without her helpful and timely reminders.

Replacing Lois is Andrea Walus who returns from her maternity leave, and joins us September 1. Prior to her leave, Andrea was the Administrative Manager for the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy (OS&OT) and provided valuable support to the online programs. Andrea is keen to contribute more to our growing programs. She holds baccalaureate degrees in Mathematics and Education, and taught high school and elementary school before moving to BC when her husband accepted a position in UBC engineering. We are extremely fortunate to have Andrea join us.

Although Lois leaves officially on August 6, 2010 she will return occasionally in August/early September to orient Andrea to the online programs.

Please join us in congratulating Lois and welcoming Andrea.

MRSc Spring 2010 Graduates Share Early Online Experiences

Denise Sylvest, John Campbell, Nancy Littke, Janice Duivestein and Sue Stanton

This Spring’s Master of Rehabilitation Science graduating class chose to share some of their more humorous experiences of online learning as part of their joint valedictorian speech at the Spring 2010 Rehabilitation Science Graduate Programs Reception. Present learners, alumni and instructors will relate warmly to these anecdotes. For a ‘feel good’ break, listen to the speech.

The graduates: Janice Duivestein from Vancouver, BC; Nancy Littke from Olds, Alberta; Denise Sylvest from Castlegar, BC and John Campbell from Chilliwack BC now join our growing alumni of 22. To read more about their research visit Graduate News on our program website.

New Doctors of Philosophy
Graduates from the doctorate and Master of Science program were also recognized. In her speech on behalf of the PhD grads, Jill Zwicker described their journey as similar to training for the Olympics or Paralympics, although rather than going downhill at great speed it was more of an uphill, slow and steady journey with a fair share of moguls to negotiate. Other PhD graduates include Michael Bodner and Marie Westby.

Master of Science Graduates
Alison McLean
represented the Master of Science graduates with a special thank you to their supporters. She spoke of the many instructors, and family members who not only supported them, but according to Alison “downright put up with us” as their notes and laptops took over dining room tables, and family vacations became attending international conferences. Graduating with Alison were Joy Teo and Jeanne Yiu.

The reception was held on May 25 at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. These receptions are becoming a tradition in the Rehabilitation Science Graduate Programs at UBC. Family and friends, together with colleagues, instructors, and supervisors come together twice a year, in May and November to congratulate the most recent graduates and celebrate the growth of rehabilitation science and theory.

Lesley Bainbridge and Sue Stanton

Lesley Bainbridge and Sue Stanton

MRSc Celebrates 5th Anniversary
Following the congratulatory portion of the evening’s events, Lesley Bainbridge was asked to say a few words about Sue Stanton, who was described by this Spring’s graduating class as the ‘glue’ that holds the program together. Lesley described the various hurdles that had to be overcome and Sue’s capital T for tenacity that made it all possible. Listen to her kind words for more about the early challenges.

Lois Nightingale, Mary Clark and Dr. Tony Bates

The evening ended with Sue’s recognition of the many people who make the program a success with special recognition to Dr. Tony Bates who was a special guest at this year’s anniversary celebrations. When the online programs first started Dr. Bates was the Director of Distance Education and Technology at UBC. Sue credits his vision of online learning at UBC for the program’s initial start and much appreciated his support in those early days and ever since.

To learn more visit the program website and or recently launched history Wiki .

Many thanks to Randy Singer for the great photos.

Help Recall and Record our History

Dale Graham, May 2008 graduate created a timeline and history Wiki for us. We encourage you to join Dale in capturing more of our history at the Wiki. Dale is presently an instructor in RHSC 581: Writing to Enhance Practice and an active participant in our growing online learning community. Many thanks to Dale for getting us started.

Vancouver Island Bridges Session

Sue Stanton and Tracey Thompson-Franson

On April 30, 2010 Program Director Sue Stanton and Graduate Certificate Learner Tracey Thompson-Franson presented a poster on the program and the impact it is having on practice. After four presentations in one hour, Sue and Tracey had become a good tag team. Participants enjoyed hearing from Tracy, the ‘real story’ about the hours needed to study, and having a variety of questions answered regarding online learning and the major project research requirement.

UBC Graduate Programs in Rehabilitation Science Announce Latest Grads

Lynn Jongbloed, Chair, Research Graduate Programs, and Sue Stanton, Program Coordinator, MRSC program are very happy to announce that three Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Science candidates will “cross the stage” in the May 2010 UBC Health Care Convocation Ceremony. Joining them are three Master of Science research candidates and four Master of Rehabilitation Science candidates. The graduates include:

Michael Bodner, Vancouver, BC
Jill Zwicker, Victoria, BC
Marie Westby, Vancouver, BC

Joy Teo, Singapore, Singapore
Jeanne Yiu, Surrey, BC
Alison McLean, Vancouver, BC

Janice Duivestein, Vancouver, BC
Nancy Littke, Olds, AB
Denise Sylvest, Castlegar, BC
John Campbell, Chilliwack, BC

Sue Stanton Awarded Innovation in Education Award

If you ask the right questions and listen carefully, you might get it right. But it takes much more to develop and deliver online graduate studies. It requires leadership, innovation, determination and perseverance — qualities that Sue has in abundance and encourages in others.

When the news broke that she had received the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Education Award (CME/CPD Award, it was cause for great celebration. Very few Faculty of Medicine (FOM) awards are presented publicly each year and Sue will receive her award at the UBC FoM Annual Awards Ceremony on May 31st, at 5pm at the UBC Golf Course.

Upon receiving the news, Sue wrote, “I am delighted! It is an honour to receive this award from the Faculty of Medicine especially in the 5th anniversary year of the MRSc.”

The Rehabilitation Science Online Programs began in 2002 with less than 15 learners enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation and now includes the Master of Rehabilitation Science (MRSc) with over 100 learners representing 8 different health professions.

As a life long learner herself, Sue has made it her mission to support health professionals’ desire to learn. She carefully listens to and researches their needs, develops and provides courses to meet these needs, and navigates the higher educational systems to ensure access through the use of innovative technology.

Without Sue’s vision, accessing these quality programs would only be possible to those health professionals who live within commuting distance of UBC, and who have both the time and resources to study full-time. Sue has brought the programs, the research and the knowledge process to their workplaces, and her vision, now a reality, is having a positive impact on rehabilitation practice and patient outcomes.

Please join us in congratulating Sue on receiving this prestigious award.