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“Mr. Dawson, where’s the Internet?”: Linux in high school

On the ZDNet education blog, there’s been an interesting series of articles about one teacher’s experience with a Linux lab:

Back to Windows? March 23, 2006
Will Vista kill Linux for Ed Tech? September 14, 2006
Who is killing desktop Linux? September 19, 2006
Not your father’s Linux September 22, 2006

DiGRA 2007, “Situated Play”: Call for Papers

The Third Digital Games Research Association International Conference (DiGRA 2007)
“Situated Play”: Second Circular and Call for Papers
September 24 – 28, 2007
Tokyo, Japan

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Let’s get together

Hi everyone in UBC TSED grad program 🙂


I would like to propose to apply to Ed-Media conference to present as a group. It is in Vancouver and we do not need to have travel expenses. Two years ago, I had an experience presenting at Ed-media in research group of 4 grad students under Samia’s supervision. It was a lot of fun! More interesting than presenting alone (and, hopefully less work for each of us considering our busy schedules 🙂 !)

I think we might make a paper sharing the results/ideas on our different research topic under one theme of learning with digital technologies in multiple ways. Or, else – let’s share the ideas on the possible paper.




Web Based Communities 2007 Conference

February 18-20, 2007 – SALAMANCA, SPAIN


Submission: 9 October 2006
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VIFF: Android 207

The Vancouver International Film Festival is on and will be showing Android 207. (It is also available on YouTube.) The description is:

An android, trapped inside a vast and complex maze, exhibits confusion and frustration. Human, all too human.

Talk on Video Games @ UBC

The Evolution of the Triad: Art, Technology and Commerce in Video Games

IAR Conference Room, C.K. Choi Building, UBC (1855 West Mall, Vancouver)
4.30pm-6.00pm, Friday 29th September,
Yuko Aoyama (Geography, Clark University, USA)

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JCACS: Virtual Curriculum


Virtual Curriculum: Digital Games as Technologies of Aesthetic Experience and Potential Spaces

York University

In this paper, I am interested in the following question: What can we learn in the strange spaces of digital games? This is not the same as asking what digital games can teach us or what we learn from digital games. Rather, I am interested in thinking about what it is we learn as we play digital games. This question of learning has less to do with the content of the game—although that is an important question too—and more to do with what the experience of the game allows us to think or not think and to be or place and time of the digital game offer us?


Inter-University Seminar: Hanyang University & the UBC

E-learning R&D Teams from Hanyang University and the University of British Columbia will meet for a seminar to address various topics and issues of the fields of new media, instructional design & educational technology, and human performance technology. The primary purpose is to develop graduate students’ professional potential through a variety of presentations and discussions. This inter-University seminar will provide opportunities for sharing research ideas and extending students’ awareness of new media, instructional design & educational technology, and human performance technology.

Date: 19 September 2006
Time: 8:30-2:15

Scarfe 310

See the detailed schedule and abstracts: Hanyang-UBCSeminar.pdf
For downloading handouts: bk21_handout.pdf

Video Games and Stereotypes

From the Department of Sociology:

Student researcher finds video games rife with stereotypes