Critique of Media & Technology

SSHRC Fund (2017-2019): History of the Critique of Media & Technology (Stephen Petrina, Principal Investigator) $40,033

Has critique run out of steam, as Latour (2004) suggests? Researchers have yet to adequately respond to this profound question. Latour’s question is tailored here for the purposes of this research. Has the critique of media and technology run out of steam, as Latour (2004) suggests?  One might respond through various methods. For this research, I respond through historical research. I will review the historiography of critiquing media and technology and interpret primary sources to write a historical narrative on the critique of media and technology. I will primarily focus on critiques of media and technology within education (preK-12, University, informal) but will also address more conceptually expansive critiques over time and across space.