Graduate Students

Students in MTSE have a successful track record of degree completion, funding and awards, publishing, and career progression. Our students in MTSE are recognized for their creative and in-depth research, and innovative learning and teaching.

Post-graduation, MTSE students excel. Teacher education students with majors or minors in computer science and technology education are in high demand. Nearly all of the MTSE Masters students are in teaching or administrative positions in the schools, faculty members in postsecondary institutions, or advanced to doctoral programs. About 99% of our PhD graduates concentrating in MTSE are awarded postdoctoral appointments or attain faculty appointments in universities. The following faculty appointments, post-MTSE, are indicative of this success:

PhD current Faculty Appointments, e.g.:

  • Lindsay Langill, Prev. Dean, TRU; UBC
  • Ruth Guo, Buffalo State
  • Zuochen Zhang, Windsor
  • Yoko Namita, Ritsumeikan
  • Yifei Wang, Royal Roads
  • Karen Brennan, Harvard
  • Mirela Gutica, BCIT
  • Paula MacDowell, USask
  • Rachel Ralph, CDM
  • Yu-Ling Lee, TWU

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