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Wittgenstein: Education as (Dog) Obedience Training ?!

I’ve been revising a paper for Phenomenology and Practice, and was disturbed to learn that Wittgenstein can be read as urging punishment and conditioning for education in ways that would have made the crudest behaviourist blush! It all goes back to the German … Continue reading

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Foucault on Self-Care as Self-Bildung

Been reading Foucault’s Hermeneutics of the Subject, Foucault’s lectures at the Collège de France from 1981-1982. In this text, Foucault articulates further his notions of “care of the self” and “pastoral power” (about which I posted this item a couple … Continue reading

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Science (Scholarship) as Open Source Process

This very short piece from the late F. Kittler becomes increasingly issues of open scholarship and open education become ever more established. For example: However, it was practical when some programmers at the MIT resisted venality and when a computer … Continue reading

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