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What is it like to learn? An introduction to “Learning-as-Experience”

Learning-as-experience, learning as it one lives or undergoes it everyday, exposes the Achilles heel of any learning “theory:” Namely, that we have almost no quantifiable, empirical access to learning as a phenomenon, and that the only thing of this kind we … Continue reading

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Forget Twitchspeed & Twitter; Confronting “Boys’ Crisis” via Dance & Motion

I’m a proud as heck of these two students, my thesis supervisees,  whose excellent MEd research is featured in this article in the local paper. Jennifer Swan-Rogers (pictured here) and Tannis Tate (whose abstract is below) undertook case studies of … Continue reading

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Silence in the Classroom: One Student's Experience

[slideshare id=13622450&doc=onestudentsexperienceof-120712192640-phpapp02] Here’s the slides (above) and the text (download pdf) that I had the pleasure of presenting in support of one of my students, Merilee Hamelock. In many classrooms, evaluation of learning relies on easily observable, easily measurable student … Continue reading

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(Re)Inventing the Internet: Critical Case Studies

Just received the cover design for a book I’m editing with Andrew Feenberg. Here’s the table of contents, and below, some sentences to appear on the back cover: This book examines examples of controversy and contestation from the Internet, focusing on … Continue reading

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