Projects and Events 2016-2018

Guacamole for Justice, 2018_ Images by Karolina Chrzan, Spanish 207_302

Students and faculty with members of the MDWA on Immigrant Farm Workers working conditions

Learning, interacting and enjoying, the guacamole Michoacano is done.

Tanya(Span 401) and Luiza (Span 301) from Spanish for Community

In dialogue with the migrant farm workers from Mexico

Maria Carbonetti and participants, students and faculty. Guacamole for Justice, discussion panel opening words. 2018 Students with Ashli Akins, Mosqoy founder and president

Ashli Akins, Mosqoy founder and president

Isabel Allende talk, 2018

Rainbow Refugees Vancouver_VAST 2018 Class visits and panel discussion_ Mariana Martinez Vieyra and refugee claimants, Jorge, Irving and Regina.

Mariana Martinez Vieyra, (VAST Vancouver), Jorge, Irving and Regina (RainbowRefuge Vancouver) and Maria Carbonetti SFC FHIS


Gifts of Our Lives _ South Granville Senior Center, 2016-18 Hispanic Group, with, Instructors Maria Adelaida Escobar Trujillo (Community Liaison), and Iris Escuer Riera Span 207, Coordinators, Maria José torrejón 2016-17 Marina Sanz Vara 2017-18 Images, by Patrick Gillin, Rocío Hollmann and Carolina Navarrete (Community Liaison 2016-17)

Spanish Group South Granville Senior Center, and SFC students and faculty

Patrick Gillin

Patrick Gillin

Image by Patrick Gillin