Why participate in Spanish for Community?

  • To improve and expand your communication skills
  • Learn about the Hispanic community through direct contact with its members
  • Interact with and learn about agencies and organizations that serve the Hispanic community
  • Apply your knowledge of Spanish (as well as other areas) in real contexts, and gain voluntary work experience in bilingual Spanish-English settings
  • Inform yourself about possible work opportunities (volunteer and paid) with agencies that participate in their projects.

How to participate

UBC STUDENTS: For interested students, there are two different ways to participate:

  1. Through registering in the following courses: Spanish 301-302 (Advanced Spanish I-II) and Spanish 401(Upper Intermediate Spanish I) to participate in projects tailored for each level. Some of the projects are open and volunteer-based, and others are integrated as a service learning component.
  2. If you possess an intermediate-advanced level of Spanish or are bilingual, you can participate as a Task Volunteer.  You do not have to be enrolled in any specific Spanish course to be part of SFC.

Graduate Students and Faculty interested can also participate as task volunteers, collaborators, and graduate or faculty fellows.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Maria Carbonetti, SFC Director: maria.carbonetti@ubc.ca | spanish.for.community@ubc.ca