Current and Past Liaisons, Contributors and Participants

Academic year 2022-2023 September-April

Spanish for Community, Coordinator and Community Liaison

Dr. María Adelaida Escobar Trujillo, Coordinator and project designer during the first term 2022 (SPAN 301 and SPAN 401 projects), Community Liaison (ongoing)

Instructors and course coordinators

Dr. Anna Casas Aguilar, SPAN 301 Course Coordinator 22WT1

Undergraduate Students Assistant, Blog and Projects Term 2

Anshul Kulkarni, Work Learn, Assistant (Blog and Projects) 22WT2

A. Maygavanan, Work Learn, Assistant (Blog and Projects) 22WT2



Past members and collaborators:

Graduate Student Coordinator:

Lorenia Salgado Leos 2020-2021

Community Liaisons:

Dr. Maria Adelaida Escobar Trujillo 2017 – ongoing

Dr. Carolina Navarrete,  2015-2018 (UBC), 2021-2022 (UFRO)

Instructors participants:

Anna Casas Aguilar 2021-2022

Dr. María Adelaida Escobar, 2018-on going

Iris Escuer Riera 2018-2019

Olga Albarrán Caselles 2018

Sylvia Bascour Vallarino, 2011-2016

Dr. Kim Beauchesne 2014-2015

Former Graduate and Undergraduate Student Liaisons and Leaders:

Cristina Lee 2021(Student coordinator  for the Translation Team)

Jacob Fisher-Credo,  2018

Sarah Day, 2017

Dr. Carmen Miranda Barrios, 2011-2014

Dr. Gabriela Bradica 2012-2014

Spanish for Community Blog

Anshul Kulkarni 2023

A. Mylgavadan 2023

Lorenia Salgado Leos 2020-2021 (student project coordinator, author, editor, contributor)

Jennifer Natgaal 2016 (co-designer)

Joel Chauvin 2016 (co-designer)