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Choose Your Tools

Here’s what you’ll need to participate:

  • WordPress blog – that you’ll use for building your course.
  • Twitter account – for posing questions, sharing links and generally connecting with each other.
  • Video host (like Vimeo, YouTube, etc) – this is optional but will allow you to share screencasts, videoblogs or reflections related to your design decisions when building your course.

help-01 Need some help? Check out our resource on Blogging, Twitter and More!

Sign Up With Your Course Blog and Join the Directory

Register your teaching blog with us so we can add it to the blog hub, and also join our course directory by using the form below. Note that information you provide in this form will be publicly viewable on the course directory.

You will need to provide us a URL for your blog so we can add it to the blog hub. If you already have a blog, you can just give us the URL for that (whatever you use must publish an RSS feed), with a category or tag specific to this course. As much as we admire all of the stuff you blog about, we’d prefer that you use either a tag or a category to designate posts you’d like to appear on the blog hub, e.g.:

If you don’t already have a blog, since you’ll be creating or working on a new course site in WordPress, you might like to use a blog connected to that site. If you need help setting up a site in WordPress that you can also use as your blog, please see the help page on blogging. If you’re only using that blog for this course, you don’t need to set up a category or tag specific for posts for this course; only do that if you’re going to be using that blog to write blog posts on other things.

Please note: We’ll have to add each URL manually. Please make sure that the URL points to a teaching with WordPress related category or tag (e.g., and please test it (by opening the URL in another web browser where you are not logged in). Also make sure you are publishing blog POSTs (not pages in WordPress). Thanks!

Join Us

Please add yourself with as much/little information as you like.

  • We will need your email so that we will be able to contact you. This information will not be listed in the directory page.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
    Recommended image size: 300X300 pixel
  • This will be the blog you use for this course. You'll need to have a blog to build your course and share with the group, and we'll collect all the posts from participants' blogs and re-post them on our blog hub. Please create a category or tag for posts you'll write for this course, and paste the URL of that category or tag for your blog. For example,
  • Other affiliated websites if you want to share.Make sure you include "http://" when you enter the URL
  • For example if your twitter username is @ twp2015, enter twp2015
  • Share your goals, burning questions, areas of interest.
    Note: We work fast, but it may take up to 24 hours to publish your profile - it's not automatic!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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