This is an open online course on Teaching with WordPress, running June 1-26, 2015. Join us to talk about and experiment with, among other things:

  • open education, open pedagogy and design
  • WordPress as a highly customizable framework for teaching and learning
  • examples of instructors and learners using WordPress sites in many different ways for multiple purposes
  • plug ins, applications and approaches for creating, discussing, sharing and interacting with each other

Throughout the course, you’ll be creating your own WordPress course site, so that by the end you’ll have a beginning structure to build on with your learners.

Latest Updates:

Welcome to week 4!

This is our last official week of Teaching with WordPress (though see the end of this post–we don’t think of the course as fully “ending”). It’s been a quick four weeks! Week 4 activities If you haven’t done so already, please take a look at the learning activities for weeks 3 and 4, including the […]

Week 3: Summary

This week we all rolled up our sleeves and delved deeper into the WordPress platform, and at the same time looked more into cohesive course design with WordPress. One of the high points of the week was a Google Hangout, WordPress drop-in with UBC WordPress developer Richard Tape. Richard Tape answered our WordPress questions and […]

Week 3: Course Design in WordPress

We are coming to the end of Week 2 in Teaching in WordPress and looking foreword to another exciting week learning from the ever expanding #TWP15 community. Last week we dug a little deeper and started  exploring some of the affordances of WordPress in teaching and learning. This week we will start putting it all together […]

Join Us!

Teaching with WordPress is designed to be a “connectivist” open online course, in which the contributions of the participants are crucial to what each of us learns; we will connect with each other through blog posts, Twitter and discussions on this site.

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

Most importantly, we’ll learn from each other’s course design on their WordPress sites. It is our hope that at least some of the connections participants make with each other in the course will last beyond the course itself, that we can develop a kind of community of practice around teaching with WordPress (and/or around open education & open pedagogy, or anything else that comes up in the course).

Finally, the resources provided by course facilitators and course participants will remain on this site after the course is finished, so that they may be used by anyone who would like to learn more about teaching with WordPress.


  1. Sounds great! I’ll share in our diglibarts group. We host WordPress for our campus community, and it’d be great to see folks use it.

  2. Hi everyone…glad to join the party. I’m teaching two courses this summer and would like to use WP for both. The first one I’m going to focus on is “How the Web Works: Building Your Digital Identity, Literacy, and Network.” Looking forward to getting started!

  3. I really Liked your post 🙂 It really helped me out 🙂 I guess online learning is much easy and simple as it saves alot of time and you can do other stuff while studing 🙂 Thanks for sharing this Article 🙂 Just keep on sharing such Articles 🙂

  4. Sounds great! I’ll share in our diglibarts group. We host WordPress for our campus community, and it’d be great to see folks use it.

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