Weeks 3&4 Discussions

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  • What are you learning about being a learner in the open?
  • What issues/themes were raised in the speaking openly series that have made you reflect on about your approach to teaching in the open?
  • How would you assess your developing course on the dimensions of autonomy, diversity, openness and interactivity? What other considerations would you include in assessing the success of your course (after it runs for the first time)?



Still Under Construction…but Starting to Take Shape

So we’re up and running with How the Web Works, my summer course hosted on WordPress. It’s definitely experimental, underdeveloped, emergent, and…messy! With one student (Chris) enrolled, it’s also sort of a paradox, as we try to co-construct a course that has principles of collaboration, peer-instruction, and connected learning baked in. But hey, we all play with the cards we are dealt, right? So far, to be honest, my focus hasn’t really been on the WordPress platform as such, but on getting a clearer sense of the conceptual map of the course (on the macro level) and on designing relevant … Read more

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