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designing a web

Nancy White recently called me a ‘technology steward’ and I rather like that description for my work. It seems to fit so much better than ‘e-Learning Facilitator’. When I think of designing a web in my WP courses, I feel that stewardship is an excellent model for what I need to do. At TRU-OL, our […]

Supporting ‘open’

We’ve been renovating around here, so the facilities folks pulled all the front faces of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. In a sense, the results that you see below are similar to what happens when you release your work under an open license. Previously, there was only a ‘public’ view of the counter […]

learning design in wordpress

Part of the application of my learning during YouShow has been designing a connected professional development course for our OLFMs in Open Learning. I have taken a great deal of what I’ve learned here about RSS and general WordPressing and applied that knowledge to the course and I am grateful for Alan’s and Brian’s openness […]