Week 3: Course Design in WordPress

We are coming to the end of Week 2 in Teaching in WordPress and looking foreword to another exciting week learning from the ever expanding #TWP15 community.

Last week we dug a little deeper and started  exploring some of the affordances of WordPress in teaching and learning. This week we will start putting it all together and thinking about cohesive course design and more advanced functionality in WordPress

This week we will have a virtual drop-in clinic. On June 18th 1:00 noon – 2:00 pm (PST) join UBC’s Richard Tape, WordPress developer and all around good guy, for a virtual “support clinic” on Google Hangout. Ask your questions about plug-ins, approaches and general functionality for WordPress features that are commonly used for teaching and learning. RSVP to join the discussion using the event page on Google. We’ll take it from there. On the specified date and time above, just click on the live feed to watch.

Join us for the week to explore how we can design cohesive and effective courses in WordPress.  Share your experiences and tips and tricks for using WordPress in open pedagogy and continue the conversation on twitter (#TWP15) and on your blog.

Read more about the week in the schedule, week 3 & 4, which includes:

  • Share your work in progress with the network and receive feedback as you develop it.
  • We have a couple folks sharing their WIP, share some feedback with them
  • One of the TWP15 participants has already shared a screencast on a “blogging bootcamp” about using WordPress for educational blog
  • Discuss what are you learning about being a learner in the open in the Weekly discussion area
  • Explore blog posts from the group on the Blog Hub; “post one, comment on two,” as we are trying to encourage–do a blog post, and comment on (at least) two others!

We are looking foreword to another great week of discussion, sharing and connection.

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