Current home technology trends

Home technology trends change each year, and 2019 seems to be an impactful year for new and improved home technology systems. Many consumers predicted what it would someday be like to own a smart home, but those fantasies were often romanticized by movies and television shows where the house talked back to the human. Although we aren’t far from that, having the house actually control the human was the continued narrative in those story plots. Today, tech savvy individuals looking to increase their home technology game are investing their money into digital assistants, home security systems, better wifi, and even robotic technology that helps clean the home. From robot vacuum cleaners to a tiny speaker that tells the news each morning, technology continues to amaze the minds of consumers and impress those making revenue from the profits.

Digital assistants are seemingly affordable depending on the one that is purchased. They may start as something like a portable speaker and then work their way into a large screen that looks like a tablet. Depending on the size and functions, these types of assistants are able to help homeowners with varying facets of their day. They are similar to asking questions to an assistant on a smartphone. Homeowners are able to check the daily weather and news while also using it as a workout tool or a way to talk to family and loved ones. The digital assistants with screens have the ability to video chat. Some users of digital assistants may simply use it as a speaker. With many apps available to connect to the digital assistant, it can be hard to think of things that it cannot do.

Another home technology trend is utilizing technology with design. From motorized blinds  to voice controlled lights, there are many ways to integrate technology into a home. Voice command technology can be coupled with digital assistants when it comes to the overall design of a home. Some movies have demonstrated humor in voice commanded showers. Although this technology may seem too far in the future for some, the reality is that it is here for many and will continue to grow. Dimming the lights can now be done by simply saying “dim lights” to a virtual assistant. Opening a blind can be done by simple saying “Open blinds”. Making a phone call can be done with voice commands as well. If there is an app for it, there is a command for it with digital assistants. When it comes to the overall design of a home, it is easy to customize blinds, shades and many other parts of the homes with remote and voice command technology. This eliminates the manual process of doing things.

Other upcoming trends deal with the internet itself, which allows much of the technology to continue to evolve within homes. Wifi speeds are not a frequent concern of many internet users, but the extent that the wifi travels is. Bandwidth seems to be an increasing problem, especially in larger homes. With new innovations if wifi technology, users should see a cost-effective way to increase bandwidth in the home.