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Remember to respect copyright in your online work. Whenever you upload an image, you need to ensure you have permission to do so. Where possible, take the photo yourself or be sure you do a Creative Commons or Public Domain Image Search. Do not simply go to google images and take what you wish! This is also good modelling for your students… part of initiating them in our digital age!

Creative commons images usually required attribution (you say where you got the picture and who authored it right on the webpage). This varies and you really need to look at each image source…

One of my favourite sources for presentations and my webwork:  (some high quality, high interest creative commons images with no attribution required (they never mind if you link back tho… a nice courtesy!) NB: the top set of images that appear are ‘stock photos’ – usually with watermarks… these are for user pay… the rest on the page are free.

Visit the Scarfe Digital Sandbox for more info on high quality image sources:  Search the image or copyright categories.


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