2nd Annual Postdoc Research Day, Friday September 14 at the Life Sciences Centre

Thanks to everyone who submitted an abstract. Unfortunately we have limited time on the day, so we’ve had to select eight talks, chosen to give a feeling of the exciting and broad research at UBC. We will also have a number of posters at the reception at 4pm; we still have space, so even if you have not registered for a poster, feel free to bring one along.

1.00pm – John Whitlock, Oral Health Sciences “Rapid tooth replacement in sauropod dinosaurs: applying molecular biology to questions in palaeontology”

1.20pm – Marjorie Gonzalez, Physics and Astronomy/Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre “Novel Analysis Method for Positron Emission Tomography: Applications to Parkinson’s Disease”

1.40pm – Nina Maeshima, Microbiology and Immunology. “Identifying regions of human TLR4 important for recognition of Bordetella pertussis lipid A”

2.00pm – Wendy Adams, Psychiatry/Psychology “Chronic lithium treatment reduces motor impulsivity in rats: Potential role of cytokines” Coffee

2.40pm Ariane Noel de Tilly, Art History, Visual Art & Theory “On the Early Exhibitions of Video Art in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom: Different attempts to disseminate a new medium”

3.00pm – Wei Wei, Medical Genetics “Genome-wide microRNA and mRNA profiling in mouse liver development implicates mir302b and mir20a in repressing TGFbeta signaling”

3.20pm – Junaed Sattar, Computer Science “From the deep seas to our homes – towards a seamless interface for human-machine interaction.”

3.40pm – Michael Yuchi, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology” “Disease Mutations in the Ryanodine Receptor Central Region: Crystal Structures of a Phosphorylation Hot Spot Domain”

4pm – Posters, Wine, Cheese.


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