BC PE Curriculum IRP’s

Click here to download the entire BC k-7 Physical Education IRP Curriculum

BC’s Physical Education Curriculum, “…provides us with the philosophical and foundational components of what is important to teaching PE. The documents also suggest ways in which one can plan, facilitate, assess, and evaluate the instructional learning. However, curriculum documents are not foolproof. Dr. Stu Robbins reminds us that curricula developed with the best intentions are only as effective as the quality programs that implement and teach to the curriculum. His word challenges each of us (educators) to decide the role that we will play” (Robinson & Randall, pg.10, 2013).

Physical Education Core Areas: Active Living | Movement |Personal & Social Responsibility

 Aims & Goals:


  • Enable all students to enhance their quality of life through active life.


  • Students will participate daily in physical activity.
  • Students will develop appropriate knowledge and skills for participating actively, effectively, safely, and responsibly in a wide range of individual and dual activities, games, and rhythmic movement activities.

Students will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable them to value, attain, and maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

Curricular Link: Ministry of Education Curriculum Packages by Grade click here

Curriculum Organizers & Activity Organizers 

C.O-> Active Living | Movement Skills | Safety, Fair Play & Leadership 

A.O-> Games| Gymnastics| Dance| Alternative Environment Activities| Individual & Dual Activities 

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