Movement Journal – assessment and movement

This week’s team teach was excellent in many different ways. The warm up activity was hilarious. I got so many laughs out of other people’s animal dance moves and it was a lot of fun to be silly with a group of people! What a great fun way to get everyone moving!

The first activity was a lot of fun too. I was confused at first, I think the huge amount of cones set up made it a bit hard for me to visualize but once we got into our groups to play I was not confused anymore. The game was a good way to get students moving and practicing their throwing. There are so many modifications you could do to help enhance student learning.

The last game was an interesting game. I did not like the unsafe elements but other than that it was great. I was running around so much in this game that by the end I was exhausted! This really helped me to see the importance of an active curriculum. After class, I felt awake, alert and ready for the day. Being active in school really does help students in other areas of academics.

Our discussion of assessment was very important. Growing up we were often assessed on how fast we ran or how talented we were at a certain sport. Using strategies such as exit slips, or student evaluation on their performance in class not only gets them involved but also allows those who are not naturally fast runners to be successful.

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  1. Hi Michelle!

    I also had a blast with the warm up activity! I really like the idea of pretending to be different animals in order to get moving and active, not to mention the ab work out we got from laughing. Such a creative way to go about it! It is definitely something I would like to try with an elementary class, maybe with a primary class, but if we as university students found it fun, I am sure the intermediates would too.

    I was a bit confused with the first activity as well, but since we’re all here to experiment with what works and what doesn’t, I was thinking of the different ways it could be modified so that elementary students could easily comprehend the activity. But overall, once we all started to play, I thought it was an excellent activity to practice the skill of throwing.

    I had a lot of fun with the second activity and thought the activity was a wonderful way to practice throwing. It was great to discuss the different modifications that could be made to the activity. I especially liked the idea of just taping the mats instead of running over them, or just having cones to tap. It was a great reminder that as we get into teaching we will have to make all sorts of modifications as we continue on our paths as educators!

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