Week 4 Movement Journal

I really enjoyed this week’s lesson. The games were fun and eventful – I was never standing around and waiting. I think these sorts of activities are really important in PE because they ensure that EVERYONE is participating, even people who are less athletically inclined and may try to avoid participation. I also enjoyed how we stopped as a class and worked to modify the game to make it even safer and more inclusive. This is something that we as teachers should be doing in all of our classes, so that we can continuously improve our lessons.

I also really enjoyed the group discussion. I was in Pamela’s group and she did a great job talking to us about assessment in PE. Lots of us remembered being tested based on our athletic abilities as kids; tests like the beep test, or seeing how many push ups we could do in a minute. Although I usually enjoyed these activities, it seemed that most people didn’t. I agree with the group consensus that assessment based on athletic ability is not fair. Grading based on athletic ability doesn’t take into account that some people are simply more naturally athletic than others, and that this natural athleticism is not a fair representation of a student’s efforts and improvement. I think students in PE should be graded based on their understanding and passion for an active lifestyle, as well as their participation and willingness to learn. I think this way of assessment will be much more successful in encouraging a love for physical activity in children.

One thought on “Week 4 Movement Journal”

  1. I agree with you as well. This week was awesome because the game was fun and everyone could get involved. Teachers need to think outside the box and really come up with games that include everyone, rather than showing one person dominance over others. It creates an environment that is more inclusive.

    I also believe that grading should be used to access participation and passion for the game rather than skill. If a student is trying their hardest and doesn’t seem to be able to shoot a basket ball in to the net, I think that that child should still get good grades. Also if teachers graded this way, students will be more encouraged into joining in, and develop a passion for being healthy.

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