Movement Journal Week 4

I think this week the group did well because for the most part of the lesson we were all being physically active. A lot of people felt their heart beats go up after the lesson. I also enjoyed the part where they told us to dance like a bird and dance like your favourite animal. I think a lot of kids would enjoy those activities. I think it was good that Steve always asks us how we can improve activities and how we can make the activity more safe. I think I learned a lot from observing different groups teach and I’m excited but nervous for my group teach this Friday.

2 thoughts on “Movement Journal Week 4”

  1. I forgot about their warm up activity! That was great fun! I also thought last weeks group did a great job keeping the class consistently active all the while using games that subtly gave us a warm introduction to baseball by using the basic ideas of throwing, running, catching and looking for open spaces. Both games worked well at achieving those goals.

    It’s true; that was a great learning experience to watch the game unfold and realize how we could make it safer for students and still maintaining the high intensity.

    I found Steves teaching lesson of “the basics” was a great learning experience too. That sheet he handed out will come in handy for me when I a stuck teaching something that comes naturally. I will be able to break it down into steps. Breaking down a motion as easy as skipping is a great way to practice teaching something that is second nature.

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