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First of all, let me start off by saying great job, Emily, Sonya and Pamela! You came up with a creative lesson that approached striking games in a fun, and engaging way. What stuck out to me most about this lesson, was our own assessment practice after the 50 minute session. One of the guiding questions for this week asks which assessment and evaluation strategies may be used to effectively gather information of student learning in physical education. My experience of CITE as a cohort and the education program as a whole, including the EDCP course, has been a focus on inclusion, confidence building for our students. We have talked about belonging, autonomy and competence as key factors to student success. With this in mind, I wonder if rating and reading aloud our comments on the session was perhaps not quite in line with this way of thinking? I left the class feeling as though we had singled out the students in charge of the lesson, as well as those who responded. In terms of applying this to our own teaching practices, I’m curious as to what other assessment forms we might use in evaluating lessons as they occur. I realize that the exercise was meant to foster discussion and insight for future reference (which it did!), but I can’t help but feel that we might have approached in a more inclusive and safe format. That being said, I realize that our group is already an extremely supportive environment, and I know that each of us is open to constructive criticism.

Week 4- Movement Journal

This week I was really excited because we were focusing on the skills of throwing and catching for games such as baseball/softball. Since I grew up playing softball my whole life, I was eager to see what this week’s group had prepared for us in class. I had fun with the warm up, for it allowed us to use our own dance moves and imaginations as we warmed up. I really enjoyed myself, and found it interesting too. When I was told to dance around like a fish for example, I started how I thought they looked like, but soon noticed that every single person danced like a fish in all different ways. It was interesting to see peoples elaborate ways of dancing like a fish. That was great fun.

Then we moved over to a tossing game. I thought the idea of this game was great! Although it turned out to be a little hard to explain and became a little bit chaotic, I still had a good time playing it. I do think that it could have been usefully to first teach how to do an underhand throw using proper technique first before playing the game. That way the students could have been working on that technique while playing.

The final game was highly inclusive. Everyone was playing at all times, which was successful. I think the idea of the game was easy to follow and everyone was having fun while playing it. It was however, kind of dangerous. There were balls flying everywhere and the mats which were being used as bases, were not secure. I did fall pretty hard because I was getting intense trying to touch as many mats as possible, and tried pushing off of a mat and the mat slipped out from under my feet. I did enjoy the lesson, but I would have just changed a few things. But I think it was well done.

Week 4- movement journal

Friday was my first experience teaching the group in this program and it was my first time teaching PE; therefore, I was extremely nervous. Even though I thought we were pretty well prepared, I was still shaking the whole morning before class. I lead the instant activity without really paying attention to what was going on around me. I still cannot recall what happened during that time, but according to some reflections, it went well and most of you had fun dancing.

To be honest, I was focusing too much on what I thought I should and should not do as a teacher instead of paying attention to my students. I was constantly thinking of remembering to say things such as “when I say go” before giving instructions, and reminding myself to speak louder. Then I was concentrating on not saying “you guys” and focusing on the time, because I was the time keeper. Reflecting now, I wish I had paid more attention to everyone’s engagement level and given some feedback during the activities instead of focusing so much on myself.

I really appreciate how Steve showed us how to evaluate one of our games and modify it for safety issues. The brainstorming for modifications was very helpful, I am glad we got to do this here in Cite rather than during our practicum. Our focus age for this lesson was grade 2, so I was very worried the games might have been too childish for grownups to have fun. However, after class, many people told us we did a good job and that they enjoyed the activities which was very encouraging. Thank you everyone for being so supportive! 😀

Movement Journal Week 4

I think this week the group did well because for the most part of the lesson we were all being physically active. A lot of people felt their heart beats go up after the lesson. I also enjoyed the part where they told us to dance like a bird and dance like your favourite animal. I think a lot of kids would enjoy those activities. I think it was good that Steve always asks us how we can improve activities and how we can make the activity more safe. I think I learned a lot from observing different groups teach and I’m excited but nervous for my group teach this Friday.