June 24

We are delighted to start today with a discussion with Susan Atkey, Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian at UBC Library, and subject librarian for French, Hispanic and Italian Studies at Koerner Library (the other other Koerner’s). She will be talking to us, and taking questions, about library resources for continued thinking and research during the pandemic and thereafter.

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us last week for our discussion of Mariana Enríquez’s story and the movie Te doy mis ojos. I felt that we had a very productive conversation, that certainly covered many topics (gender, violence, visibility, solidarity, the body…) but left much still to be explored.

In this spirit, we continue with similar themes in preparation for Rita Segato’s visit on July 1.

Fabricio has proposed two texts by Segato, one of which will be the focus of our discussion, and the other optional reading for those who have more time:

All this means we will shift the start of the “social” part a little later, and the program will be as follows:

4-4:30pm: Conversation with Susan Atkey
4:30pm-6pm: The Intellectual Part
6-6:30pm: The Social Part.

All these times are Pacific, for Wednesday, June 24. On Zoom, of course. Because it’s 2020.

It was great this week to welcome more new participants, not least (with Camilo) a correspondent from yet another country, this time Colombia. As always, please do feel free to invite others (whether they are in Vancouver or not) to join us. Virtual Koerner’s is definitely in Phase Three of lockdown, and we are keen to keep expanding our “bubble.” If anyone wants to be added to the list, they can be in touch with me.

And again, we very much welcome and invite suggestions of texts, speakers, discussion topics, and so on. We especially welcome a) texts written by VK participants (short texts can be posted to our blog), and b) suggestions for linked “cycles” of sessions that might, like Fabricio’s current cycle, include different kinds of texts on a common theme.

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