‘I Ain’t Sleeping, I’m Just Looking Into My Eyelids!’

By – Farah Surani, Residence Advisor

As students, our lives are as busy as a bee! Having to negotiate between homework, part-time jobs, sports and extracurricular activities is not an easy task! Little do we realize, we’re always managing our time to accommodate for all the things that we need to do in 24 hours, yet the one thing that is always compromised is sleep! For many, sleep is treated more as a luxury than a necessity. Should this be the case? Continue reading


It’s your choice: Cast your ballot on November 19

The race is on.

Five candidates are competing for votes in the November 19 election for a Director of Electoral Area A in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (known as Metro Vancouver).

Do you live on the University Endowment Lands, the UBC campus, or another part of the Electoral Area?

If so, exercise your democratic right to vote in that election. Continue reading


Playlist goodness for all your paper-writing needs

By Katherine Leibel, Residence Advisor

Call me the stereotypical English major, but I consider essay writing an art form. The development of the thesis into flawless coherence, the cunning manipulation of syntax, and that satisfaction of finding the perfect word – I find it a fascinating academic experience.

But creating a paper masterpiece takes patience, and with word counts nearing the three and four thousands, it can get boring. So to get through those tedious hours pouring over books and staring into a laptop screen, I’ve compiled a playlist of my favourite songs to listen to while writing. Continue reading


From the RLM: Asking for what you want…

Traveling home one time I was reminded of how difficult it can be to be assertive with a stranger.   How hard it can be to tell someone, with whom you have no relationship and little negative repercussions, to put the armrest down.
 It’s a personal thing on airplanes.  Some would prefer to travel with the armrest up and some would prefer to travel with the armrest down.  (I would liken this to those who like to sleep at night with the blind drawn or not).  This dude clearly wanted the armrest up.  I wanted the armrest down.  He was there first, hence my conundrum. Continue reading

Need to tinkle the ivories?

Until the final finishing touches are complete in the commonsblock.  Residents from the towers will be able to sign out a key from the front desk for the Gage Apartments Activity Room to practice piano (8am – 10pm Daily).



My Top Five Places to Study

by Jonathan Chan, Residence Advisor

So, three weeks have gone by and midterms are beginning to rear their ugly heads once again. Now that Irving has proven to be ineffective year after year, it’s time to look into some new spots to study. Read on if you would like to free yourself from the incessant chatter of couples breaking up while eating extremely smelly food in the middle of IKB. Continue reading


What is a Residence Advisor?

Residence Advisors student staff that work to ensure a safe residence community suitable to positive living and learning conditions. Here are just some of the ways that Residence Advisors are here to support you:

  • Answer questions about Rez, UBC, Vancouver and to provide you with information about campus life and services;
  • Plan activities and programs that are offered in residence;
  • Help ‘keep the peace’ in the residence community;
  • Are available to offer a listening ear;
  • Address issues in residence that may be bothering you such as loud noises, safety concerns, roommate conflicts; and
  • Respond to lock outs by letting you back into your unit/room
  • So much more!

Overall, Advisors work to ensure that residence can be a constructive living and learning community for all residents.

To contact a Residence Advisor in Gage, stop by any of the Advisor units or call the Residence Advisor Duty phone at 778-887-7237 everyday between the hours of 8:00pm and 7:00am.