Grading scandal at Marshall U

by E Wayne Ross on September 29, 2009

Charleston Daily Mail: Debate over changed grades heats up

HUNTINGTON, W.Va.–The dean of Marshall University’s largest college changed two grades given to West Virginia Treasurer John Perdue’s daughter, and the classroom professor is asking for an investigation by the university’s Faculty Senate.

The allegations come in the wake of controversy at Marshall’s College of Education and Human Services, which has been beset by a number of complaints and formal grievance filings centered on its executive dean, Rosalyn Templeton.

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Frank Stanton 09.30.09 at 9:29 am

later stories in more progressive papers indicate that this controversy is fake at best. Labor has enough problems without one of our own abusing a young girls rights. Looks like the professor might be trying to take down her boss and the young girl was a useful tool. Member or no member we should have zero tolerance for law breakers.

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