British Universities to See Budgets Slashed

by E Wayne Ross on October 20, 2010

The Chronicle: British Universities to See Budgets Slashed

Higher education will suffer major budget cuts under a comprehensive spending review released on Wednesday by the British government.

The much-anticipated—and dreaded—report outlines the coalition government’s plans to address the largest budget deficit Britain has faced outside of wartime. Almost all government departments, excluding health and overseas aid, will see their budgets cut by an average of 19 percent over four years, according to the so-called spending review. Cuts of 83 billion pounds (about $131-billion) are expected to result in the elimination of 490,000 public-sector jobs.

The news for British universities is particularly bad: Excluding research support, which will remain flat, the amount of money going to higher education will decline by 40 percent over the next four years, from 7.1 billion pounds (about $11-billion) to 4.2 billion pounds (about $6.6-billion).