The Cost of Knowledge: Researchers taking a stand against Elsevier

by E Wayne Ross on January 31, 2012

The Cost of Knowledge: Researchers taking a stand against Elsevier

Academics have protested against Elsevier’s business practices for years with little effect. The main objections are these:

  1. They charge exorbitantly high prices for their journals.
  2. They sell journals in very large “bundles,” so libraries must buy a large set with many unwanted journals, or none at all. Elsevier thus makes huge profits by exploiting their essential titles, at the expense of other journals.
  3. They support measures such as SOPA, PIPA and the Research Works Act, that aim to restrict the free exchange of information.

Sign the petition here.

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peter cole 05.04.12 at 9:09 am

I send my articles to journals which allow me to retain copyright/intellectual property of my own work giving them only a right to publish the one time one location I have had to issue cease & desist notices to large journals for years to stop them from selling my intellectual property on the internet which they eventually did as a longtime freelance writer I was paid for my writing and I retained copyright now academic journals expect free contributions for the privilege of publishing the work my co-researchers and I put into academic writing the public and the taxpayer already pays for the research through taxes they also pay professors’ salaries let us get rid of the personhood status of all for profit organizations …

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