“Mission Impossible” Mediator for BC Labour Dispute

by Stephen Petrina on March 28, 2012

Setting a stage certain for failure, ex-UNBC President Charles Jago, appointed as mediator in the labour dispute between the BC Teachers’ Federation and Government, described the assignment as “mission impossible.”  Jago is off to a rough start, with less than 12 hours in, with this off-handed remark, doudts about his expertise, and concerns about his political and financial support of the BC Liberal party.

BCTF President Susan Lambert commented that she “had not heard of Jago before the announcement” this morning and “also noted he does not appear to have any experience as a mediator.”  “I’m sure he is very accomplished person,” Lambert said, “but I am concerned about his ability to mediate this dispute and his ability to understand the issues that separate both parties.”

The BCTF bargaining team will meet with Jago, but Lambert “expressed concern about the perception of bias because of his donations to the B.C. Liberal Party.” “Of course that would concern me,” said Lambert after hearing about the donations.

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