UBC TAs Approve Strike Vote

by Stephen Petrina on March 22, 2012

CUPE 2278, representing graduate teaching assistants at UBC, overwhelmingly approved a motion to strike– 81% in favour.  Now poised for labour action, CUPE 2278 heads to the bargaining table on Tuesday.  The students have opted for solidarity with other unions:

On Thursday, March 15 local CUPE 116 (UBC) obtained a successful strike vote. 75% of the local’s membership cast a ballot. 89% voted in favour of potential labour action. An eclectic assortment of U.B.C employee’s (custodians, brick layers, electricians, gardeners, food service workers) came together to let the university know that they are willing to fight for fair working conditions.

Our members have been very vocal that our goals in bargaining need to be about more than simply increasing compensation for teaching assistants. T.A.s have expressed the importance of supporting their fellow UBC workers. Though there is certainly outrage at the amount of remuneration we receive in comparison to T.A.s at other universities, (http://cupe2278.ca/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Steward_march_2012.pdf) we are ultimately fighting for more than just ourselves. We are striving to create equitable working conditions for all UBC employees.

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