COCAL Updates

by E Wayne Ross on May 30, 2012

Updates in brief and links

1. Would we be better off with no labor law that the one we have? [Is there a more to this story for the organizing of the over 80% of con- tingent faculty in the US currently with no union representation?]

2. NLRB invites briefs on reexamination of Yeshiva case in current case of Park Point College and the faculty attempt there of organize with CWA
and for background on that case

and for more analytical background

and from IHE

3. A provocative analysis of a famous social science experiment wirh great relevance to us by our WA colleague, Jack Longmate (see below)

4. The “New Economy Movement” by Gar Alperovitz, with some relevance to us

5. Very good report on the Amazon shareholder meeting in Seattle and the protests and shareholder resolutions there, by Paul Haeder, “adjunct wage slave” activist at Amazon has twice fired whole groups of people for trying to unionize in the past. Use Powells (of Portland, OR) for your book purchases, through the union there, at and the union gets a % of each sale.

6. Raritan Valley CC (NJ) adjunct union to protest at trustees meeting lack of progress in negotiations for contract.

7. Duquesne adjunct union (USW) to have NLRB representational election in June-July, by mail.

8. TN to allow any professor, contingent or regular, to have automatic credential to teach in high schools

9. Greek brain drain as all university adjuncts are laid off and progressive [read realistic] graduate econ program is cancelled.

10. A blog by former adjunct on public higher ed in The Atlantic

11. Repressive “Truncheon law” against Quebec student strikers causes backlash as both strike and popular support spread

and a video, courtesy of Maria Peluso, pres. of the PT union a Concordia U in Montreal, of the now-daily demonstrations of what has become a social strike, not just limited to the privatization of higher education
and this from Marie Blais of the largest contingent faculty union in Quebec

12. Some useful info on preparing student for the real world of work (like how to form a union and otherwise protect yourself on the job) see below

13. Kalamazoo CC (MI) adjuncts vote overwhelmingly for union rep by AFT local

14. Adjunct fired at Texas A&M (a public university) for objecting to cross displayed on top of university building

15. Interview with Guy Standing, author of The Precariat

16. “Revenge of the Underpaid Professors” on taking for profit companies into course selling

and some interesting comments and replies

17. More protests in Quebec and Chile and I hear rumors of Mexico too?? [is neoliberalism, as least in education, being put on the ropes?

18. Quebec students were ordered to give the cops their planned march route and this is what they sent. (wait for the map to load)

19. Republican NLRB member resigns over leak to person connected to Romney

20. Latest blog from the homeless adjunct (film roadtrip)

21. Higher ed professors and students in Brazil strike and ask for support