California Faculty Association and CSU make tentative contract agreement

by E Wayne Ross on August 7, 2012

California Faculty Association and CSU make tentative contract agreement

After two years of negotiations, the California Faculty Association and the CSU have reached a tentative agreement on the faculty contract today.

The contract will run through June 30, 2014 and will be effective when both parties ratify the agreement.

The agreement comes after the CFA announced that 95 percent of faculty across all 23 CSU campuses were in favor of a strike in the fall if their demands regarding workload, compensation and academic freedom were not met.

According to CSU spokesperson, Stephanie Thara, the tentative agreement will open up the possibility to talk about salary increases for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.

“Campus presidents will also have the discretion to decide how campus funds are used in terms of salary inversion or salary issues,” Thara said.

Another provision stated that there will be changes to the way three-year temporary faculty members are evaluated and appointed.

In a statement released today, the CFA Bargaining Team said that, “While the CSU administration should be held accountable for its spending priorities, this will be a time to work together with management to show the public why our public university system needs resources to continue to function at a high level.”

A decision will be reached at the September 18-19 CSU Board of Trustees meeting.