COCAL Updates

by E Wayne Ross on October 10, 2012

Updates in brief and links

1. More on adjuncts not being paid at York College, CUNY

2. A message from Weldon Cowan at Federation of Post Secondary Educators in BC, Canada about their recent (and historic) conference.

And after that below is a report of the weekend from Jack Longmate, who was also there.

3. Maria Maisto of NFM, Peter Schmidt of IHE and and Kip Lornell of George Washington U and SEIU Local 500 in DC on radio about us.

4. SEIU Local 500 organizing adjunct at Georgetown U

and pursuing a metro (regional) strategy

5. A New Faculty Path

6. More on Governor Brown’s (of CA) veto of right to a union for UC research assistants

7. Dec. 1, 2012, Contingent faculty conference in Washington, DC (see below)

8. BC (Canada) Education plan linked to private corporations

9. Rise of the Reluctant Part-timer Class

10. World Teachers Day Oct 5 and a video from Dawson College teachers union in Quebec (see below)

11. Temp warehouse workers at Walmart strike in LA and Chicago. [contingent workers on the move?] and an update from Chicago and an eruption of new strikes at other Walmart contractors

12. New IWW labor history calendar now available. details below

13. Sign petition to resist union-busting at East-West U in Chicago, where the two key leaders have yet again been “not rehired” and given zero classes.

14. Continued strike at University of the Agean in Greece,largely over layoffs and non-appointment to permanent positions of adjuncts

15. List of online teaching jobs open (see below)

16. For-profit (Christian) Grand Canyon U gets another campus and pursues a somewhat different path from the other for-profits

17. Pablo Eisenberg addresses low wages of many workers on campuses (He is also on NFM’s advisory board.)

18. Disappearance of public intellectuals, Henry Giroux