CUPE 2278 UBC TAs: “We’re Here to Put the Pressure On the Employer”

by Stephen Petrina on October 30, 2012

Teaching Assistants (CUPE 2278) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) picketed the main building (Buchanan Tower) of the Faculty of Arts this afternoon, effectively disrupting and shutting down business as usual. In solidarity, the graduate students were joined on both sides of the tower by CUPE 116, CUPE 2950, and faculty members of the FAUBC.

CUPE 2278 President Trish Everett explained that the current proposal from UBC “just isn’t going to cut it,” and asserted that the graduate students were on the picket line “to put the pressure on the employer.” The Union approved two strike votes in the last six months, indicating a sustained will to escalate for a fair settlement.

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Stan Squires 10.31.12 at 9:34 am

I am from vancouver and i supports the TAs in their fight for better working conditions.Labour and Capital got nothing in common.Without a union the working class are no better than slaves.The workers always had to fight for their rights.The canadian gov. wants to bring us back to the working conditions of the 1930s.
The students and teachers in Quebec didn’t back down from the gov.repression against them in their fight and they won the battle.All people and unions should support the TAs at the UBC.

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