COCAL Updates

by E Wayne Ross on April 24, 2013

NOTE:  Many subscribers to COCAL UPDATES are also scholars who write for publication in academic journals, or know those who do. I am personally on the Editorial Board of Labor Studies Journal, the peer reviewed journal of the United Association for Labor Education, published by Sage. For you folks I have two requests:

1. If you write in a field related in any way to labor, please try to include citations to articles from LSJ if possible. This makes our ranking in the journal world go up and also increases the visibility of pro-labor academic writing generally. LSJ is fully indexed online back to 1998 at and previous indexing is printed in the back of hard copies annually. It is also indexed in a number of online and hard copy indexes. See <>

2. Many of you also go to conferences, including labor related conferences, where you and others present papers on contingnet faculty and other related topics. Please consider submitting this writing to LSJ for publication. The guidelines for authors can be accessed at Articles have 2-3 blind reviewers prior to possible revision and/or publication both online and hard copy.


1. Two of the best reactions to the Boston Marathon bombings I have seen

2. More on the University of Indiana strike

3. Michigan teachers, profs and grads deal with right to work.

4. SEIU urges ACA coverage for adjuncts

5. Sign petition for lesbian teacher at Catholic high school who was fired after her sexual orientation became public and a parent complained.

6. Our colleague, Chester Kulis, at Oakton CC and OAFA, IEA/NEA gives a good argument about why we should include all contingents, even one class adjuncts, in the bargaining unit and why they should want in too. See below

7. Our colleague Tim Sheard (of the Lenny Moss mystery series) is now publishing other worker-writers at his Hardball Press. He is looking for good manuscripts by worker writers. <> or contact Tim directly at Tim Sheard <>. This could be a great opportunity for some contingent faculty and/or some of our students.

8. Recent positive arbitration on employer changes in retiree health insurance. See below for details.

9. Petition on computer grading of high stakes essay tests

10. New journal of contingent labor, “Cognitariat”

11. New UUP faculty bulletin from SUNY New Paltz chapter (Peter Brown, Chair) . Lots of contingent news.

12. Another piece on the metro organizing strategy

13. U of IL, Chicago, shop steward for SEIU Local 73 suspended for doing his job

14. Pieces by Marc Bousquet on NLRB and religious exemptions for colleges.


15. Job opening at National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW)   See below.

16. May 1 action at U of Akron (OH)

17. More on colleges cutting hours to avoid ACA mandates


and results of IRS hearing where many organizations testified about proposed rules for counting adjuncts’ hours


and a great blogpost by Maria Maisto, NFM President

18. Loyalty and adjuncts

19. New book by our colleague Keith Hoeller out next January, 2014 (edited volume with chapters by many of our leading colleague-activists.)

20. Fast food and retail (nearly all contingent and pt) workers set to walk out in Chicago

and a good blog about it from a Chicago labor educator

21. Worker Memorial Day (for workers killed on the job)

22. Paid sick leave needed for all workers