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by Stephen Petrina on September 5, 2015

The reckons keep pouring in. Reason #14 for why President Gupta resigned just in from Chester.

14. Amidst all this speculation, one thing is certain Chester surmises: President Toope did not like President Gupta. The logic is just a short stroll down the garden path: Resident Toope dislikes Twitter, with a passion. Resident Gupta tweets @ArvindUBC, with a passion. Ergo Toope dislikes Gupta.

The former President is on record saying,

Twitter is the epitome of the immediate reaction dynamic present in too much social media. Given the short messages, and the ease of re-transmission, Twitter encourages thoughtless, reactive modes of communication. In addition, Twitter privileges the facile response over carefully reasoned discussion. If the entire world thought elegantly in epigrams like Dorothy Parker or Oscar Wilde, Twitter would be a boon to civilization. Sadly, that is not the case, and the result is mostly inane and obvious commentary masking for discourse.

Clearly Chester reckons, Toope disliked Gupta. As a computer scientist, Arvind Gupta basically invented Twitter. Toope has a distinct dislike for @ArvindUBC.

The Ubyssey confirmed as much: “Would you ever consider getting on Twitter?”

I have a very clear answer on that one. I despise twitter, truthfully. I think it’s one of the worst things thats been created in my lifetime, and so there’s no way I’m going to go on it. I dislike everything about it…. I think it’s the worst of our society, so no.

There it is– Toope despises @ArvindUBC.

Now wait a minute Chester… you’re not stating the obvious are you? Gupta actually tweeted better than Montalbano! Keep sendin us your reckons!

@UBCnews says now is the time to speculate!