Memo: Job Application Package


To: Team BEAD, English 301 Writing Group

From: Brian Wang, ENGL 301 Student

Date: December 12, 2019

Subject: Job Application Package

To meet the requirement of Assignment 4.1 I have attached the following:

  • Original job post
  • Resume and cover letter application
  • Three request for references.

I have attached the same job post as a job I applied for last summer, however, I did not hear back from the company. I write this cover letter to send in early next summer for the same position and I appreciate your thoughts on areas where my cover letter can improve upon.

Thank you for your time in advance and please let me know by replying to my email ( if you have any questions.


Job Post: ENG301_BrianWang_JobPost

Cover Letter: ENG301_BrianWang_CoverLetter_BMO

Resume: ENG301_BrianWang_Resume_BMO

Reference request: ENG301_BrianWang_ReferenceRequest

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