BRILA Youth Projects

BRILA youth projects Brila is a youth-driven initiative that promotes critical literacy, shapes social responsibility and enhances self-esteem through creative philosophy workshops and digital magazine production.


Our purpose

The purpose behind Brila is to reconceive growing up―that period of striving towards independence―as a creative process. Through various philosophical and artistic outlets, youth participants learn to refine their own reasoning skills in order to determine and express what kind of people they want to be.

Our beginnings

Brila is a response to the shortage of opportunities for youth to explore philosophical issues through creative projects. Since its pilot in 2008, Brila has sought to help youth build technical skills in art and reasoning while developing the sensibility necessary to decide what is worth discussing and pursuing.

Brilliant creaturesOur approach

Brila embodies the by-youth, for-youth model: besides senior facilitators, the initiative is propelled by student volunteers through mentorships with creative professionals. Brila is also highly sustainable, both financially and environmentally, requiring only low-cost reusable and renewable resources.