Tiffany Poirier

Tiffany Poirier is an elementary school teacher in Surrey, British Columbia. She uses philosophy in her classroom. Check out her website. You can see her TED talk below and for here for more videos by Tiffany.

Tiffany is also the author and illustrator of “Q is for Question: An ABC of Philosophy” (, which was recently featured on CBC radio’s “The Sunday Edition” with Michael Enright. Tiffany was a speaker at the World Gifted Conference, and she has enjoyed presenting dozens of professional development workshops for teachers. She created “The Teaching Coats Project” (, an innovative hands-on professional development program inspired by Parker Palmer’s book, “The Courage to Teach”. As the founder of Richer Learning, an online source for enrichment courses and products, Tiffany’s passion is to help students and teachers to “think critically, think creatively, and be the leaders this world needs”. Tiffany blogs at

Tiffany holds an M.Ed. in Leadership (UBC, 2012), a B.Ed. in Elementary Education (UBC, 2006), a BA in Philosophy (UVic, 2004), and a Certificate in Performing Arts (CCPA, 2000). She also trained through the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (MSU, NJ, 2007).