Dr. Michael Picard

Michael PicardMichael Picard is a philosopher, international author and public intellectual. He holds an MSc and a PhD in Philosophy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Founder of Cafe Philosophy, a 12-year series of weekly philosophical dialogues for the general public, and currently facilitator with Simon Fraser University’s Philosophers Cafe program, he has animated over 600 sessions of public participatory philosophy. Picard is author of the widely-translated, This is Not a Book (now in print as Philosophy: Adventures in the Thought and Reasoning), which has a global circulation over 100,000, and co-author of the similarly successful Paradoxes: From Illusions to Infinity: Adventures in the Impossible). He teaches philosophy at Douglas College and cognitive science at Simon Fraser University, having elsewhere taught graduate and undergraduate courses in psychology, management, leadership, economics and sustainability. Acting President of the Canadian Society for Philosophical Practice, and Certified Counsellor of the American Philosophical Practice Association, he offers private philosophical therapeutics based on social (or use-based) theories of meaning.

Picard’s most current publication is an ebook, Philosophy A to Z: Essays for Cafe Philosophy.

Twitter: @infinitarian