Teaching Resources

We are always developing teaching resources in response to your needs. If you have any comments, feedback or other tips that would help us to respond to your needs please let us know. Lets start the dialogue to bring philosophy into schools!

Below you will find:

  • a facilitation sheet
  • a philosophical inquiry mandala
  • a concept sheet (friendship)
  • an empty concept sheet


Here is a facilitation sheet that provides an overview of the steps involved in a Community of Philosophical Inquiry (CPI). These are the steps you can follow after, for example, reading a story to the children.

Facilitation Sheet (download)

Here you can experiment with a philosophical inquiry mandala. This is not final in any way and should just serve to get you and your fellow inquirers going! Try to make your own and share them with us!

Download the EPIC Mandala


Take a look at this concept sheet on friendship. Below you will also find an empty one to try out yourself.

Download the Concept Sheet on Friendship

Here you can find an empty concept sheet to try out in the classroom.


Download the EPIC concept sheet


  1. I am a teacher of Primary school students and I have been looking for resources for years. I would like to see religion courses replaced with philosophy courses but I can’t admit this to any administrator. Any resource would be much appreciated. I was so pleased to hear about this Institute. Thanks to CBC, of course. Barbara

  2. I am interested in teaching resources to better facilitate Socratic seminars, strategic questioning and critical thinking responses in the classroom. Any resources you can recommend for assist would be greatly appreciated.


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