Philosophy in the Schools Project (PITS)

The philosophy in the schools (PITS) project is part of the Canadian Philosophical Association and started in 2000. For more information please visit their website. Below is an excerpt from their website explaining more about the project and, after scrolling down, the schedule of their next symposium.

The Philosophy in the Schools Project was founded at the 2000 Congress in Edmonton, Alberta. The CPA’s then president, Steven Davis, invited philosophers from across the country to a session organized to raise the profile of philosophy as a ‘teachable subject’ in Canada’s schools. The philosophers who gathered agreed to form a loose coalition designed to advance that goal.

Ontario philosophers discussed recent changes to the secondary school curriculum in that province. After many years of effort on the part of academic philosophers, secondary school teachers and Ministry of Education officials, philosophy is now a separate subject in Ontario’s regular curriculum for grades 11 and 12. This success has generated optimism among philosophers and teachers across the country. The Philosophy in the Schools Project is here to facilitate the sharing of strategies and contacts among all philosophers, teachers and officials who desire to make the school subject of philosophy available to the rest of Canada’s children and youth.

Due to the fact that education is under provincial jurisdiction, no single strategy will work in every province. Individual participants in the Project must form provincial teams to advance their goals. Nevertheless, some approaches and tactics will be useful from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The Project aims, therefore, to make information about local efforts and outcomes available to all as a means of creating a larger body of experience from which to draw. With the CPA’s support, the Philosophy in the Schools Project plans to meet each year at the Congress as a means of spreading and solidifying its vision.

Philosophy in the Schools Project Symposium
2014 Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities:
Borders Without Boundaries,
c/o Canadian Philosophical Association,
Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario,
Sunday, May 25, 2014, 14:00-17:30pm, Room 5
Draft Schedule
14:00-14:20 – “Philosophy in Manitoba Schools: Emerging Initiatives” – Nick Tanchuk, University of Manitoba, []
14:20-15:00 – “High School Philosophy in Ontario” – Trevor Norris, Brock University, []
15:00-15:40 – “Philosophy: Alternative Education?” – Ryan Cooney, Canadian Youth Golf Alliance, []
15:40-16:20 – “Rated R: Student Relativism and Teaching Philosophy” – Joseph Longo, University of Toronto []
16:20-17:00 – “Philosophy-in-the-Schools and the Adventure of Philosophical Education” – Adam Scarfe, University of Winnipeg, Co-Chair Manitoba PITS [].