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NORM FRIESEN is currently (2014-2015) working as a Visiting Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He holds an Associate Professorship in the Department Educational Technology at the College of Education, Boise State University, where he teaches and advises in the doctoral program.

For a complete CV, see: http://learningspaces.org/cv.pdf

Dr. Friesen has been developing and studying Web technologies in educational contexts since 1995, and is the author of several editions of guidebooks on the effective use of online instructional software and the implementation of technical standards for educational resources.

Dr. Friesen is also the author of Re-Thinking E-Learning Research: Foundations, Methods and Practices (2009), and The Place of the Classroom and the Space of the Screen: Relational Pedagogy and Internet Technology (2011). His articles have appeared in AERA’s Educational Research, the British Journal of Educational Technology, the Journal of Curriculum Studies as well as C-Theory. Besides co-editing numerous collections and special issues, Dr. Friesen has also recently edited and translated the pedagogical classic Forgotten Connections: On Culture and Upbringing (Routledge, 2014). Dr. Friesen is a member of the Canadian delegation to the International Standards Organization subcommittee for Learning, Education and Training, where he has co-authored a number of technical standards for collaborative learning systems. Currently associate editor of the Journal of Curriculum Studies, Dr. Friesen also helped to found and edit the online journal Phenomenology & Practice (www.phandpr.org), and has previously worked as Canada Research Chair in E-Learning Practices at Thompson Rivers University –in addition to having taught and worked at the Universities of Toronto and Johns Hopkins University as well as at Athabasca University. Dr. Friesen can be contacted at: normfriesen@boisestate.edu.


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