Brianna Week 2 – Target Games

After reading last class’ articles, I was reminded that the true purpose of physical education was to lead an active lifestyle, a point that I had forgotten while in high school. PE class should be an inclusive and safe environment where the students are actively participating in physical activity. I also never thought about the origins of PE and was interested to learn that it originated as military drills and then progressed to what we are doing in PE nowadays!

It was shocking to me to read about the list of shame activities as I enjoyed many of those games growing up and never found it to be shameful. However, reading through the reasoning why each activity was part of the Hall of Shame, I could see how they could be detrimental to many students, especially considering how many people have had a negative PE experience. This made me become more aware of teaching styles particularly in PE class as many of the games I know and love now must be modified in order to be respectful of every student, making the class an inclusionary, safe, yet fun learning environment.

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  1. Brianna, after reading last week’s article I was also shocked about the shaming activities. I never really thought of dodge ball, or red rover as shaming exercises. I really enjoyed playing them when I was younger but looking back you did have a strategy on who you were going to pick which does single people out. Or while playing red rover you just let go before they tried to break through your arms because it hurt too much. I never thought how it made someone feel because it was just part of the game.
    Also, some of these activities really have no purpose in PE. They did not really teach you anything or keep you active. Some games you did just stand around especially if you were out first. I had some friends who would get out on purpose so they did not have to play. Not too sure if they had a bad experience from PE or these activities were just not fun for them.
    These articles are teaching me that every game you play should have a purpose and teach you something. That just participating and being active is good enough. You don’t have to be a great athlete as long as you make an effort. It’s true if you don’t give a child a positive experience then you could ruin PE for them.

  2. Brianna & Sonya,

    I completely agree with the both of you on how shocking it is to find out about the tons of games we use to play as kids, are now on the list of Hall of Shame games! Let’s just say P.E was never my favourite class because I thought I was never athletic enough. Although, I did enjoy games, such as dodgeball, kickball, relay races, and capture the flag. Also, back in elementary school, my friends and I loved playing games, like Red Rover, Tug Of War, Tag, and Simon Says during recess – these were some of my favourite games, and yet, it was interesting to see these on the Hall of Shame list, but I must admit, I could see why.

    Then, for our first group’s presentation, Amy, Bobby, Mike, and Nicole, announced we were going to play dodgeball! At first I was confused, because even though I really liked playing this game, it was on the list – THE list! It turns out, Amy, Bobby, Mike, and Nicole, wanted to demonstrate why dodgeball was a shame game, and discuss how we can turn things around and still keep similar features of the game. They were mindful of the negative and positive implications that dodgeball demonstrates, and were able to successfully modify the game and create a safe environment that resulted in a positive experience for participants. I really enjoyed it, and I thought their presentation was very strong.

  3. Jackie, I agree it was pretty amazing reading the “Hall of Shame” guidelines. I had loved dodgeball in particular, especially in grade 4 & 5, when I was relatively popular, secure and confident; rarely anyone’s target. When I changed schools in grade 6, the experience was oddly different! I didn’t feel comfortable in my new classroom and having a bunch of strangers hurl balls at me made me feel far from welcome. I began to thoroughly dislike the game in P.E. when I became a target, although I missed playing it at my old school still.
    It’s really interesting taking this class because it forces me to reflect on my past experiences, in light of new PE philosophies that are much more inclusive. I feel that creating an inclusive learning space is critical for the fostering of physical literacy and DPA after graduation. I am excited to see what the next months have to offer with regards to teaching strategies.

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