Week 2 – Post Lesson Reflection – Group B

A large number of people can attest to the fact that I was a ball of nerves this morning, but thanks to the collaborative effort of my group members and everyone in the cohort, I feel that our group teach went well!

During the initial planning stages, my group and I had considered a number of concerns that could potentially crop up during our lesson. For instance: how many people per team for the game of 21? This wasn’t just a matter of making sure we had enough equipment, but we also wanted to make sure that everyone was having a frequent opportunity to participate versus having to stand off to the side just to wait their turn—an unfortunate characteristic found in some Hall of Shame games.

We had some potential activities planned in the circumstance that we did have to do large groups, but it just so happened that we didn’t have to mobilize these plans. As with any lesson though, I think it’s incredibly important to have the ability to adapt and switch things around as needed. Had the weather taken an unexpected turn for the worse this morning, we could have just as easily done the activities inside instead of outside—we were open to do some readjusting if the situation ever called for it.

I’m definitely looking forward to all the group teach presentations to follow! I have no doubt that you’ll all be fantastic, and I’m ready and willing to participate and learn!

One thought on “Week 2 – Post Lesson Reflection – Group B”

  1. Lisa, regardless of your perception of you being a “ball of nerves this morning”, I think you were able to deliver the appropriate instructions really smoothly. The fact that your group took the time to consider potential things that could go wrong proves the level of preparation that you, as a group, had put into your presentation. I want to express my sympathy that I have towards your group for going first, without having had the chance to review the grading rubrics provided by Steve.

    Reflecting on your Group’s activity started to make me think about the several dimensions of physical literacy. First of all, the instant warm up activity that your group began with, involved an element of creativity as it demonstrated a new and innovative way to movement that involved imagination. Secondly, I realized that the competence of demonstrating an underhand throw can be applied to a variety of different contexts such as 21, and the confidence of being able to apply that knowledge is part of physical literacy. There is definitely an aspect of social skills required for the activity, as we were grouped in pairs. We had to be respectful to ourselves, others, and we were reminded to be respectful to the environment by Clair. Perhaps with a few minor suggestions, you guys will be able to implement a very high quality PE lesson to foster the development of physical literacy.

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