Her life is no different from that of many other white-born children of this continent: She invaded Africa, grew in her womb, was raised by her and learned to love her as if she were her real mother, no matter how dysfunctional the womb might turn to be(The Afrikaner).

From the bush comes the hoarse, rasping cough of a leopard. “It’s the only feline that kills for pleasure,” Daniel told Zoe during one of their reunions around the campfire. “And if caught in a trap will gnaw off its leg just to be free(The Afrikaner).

One first step towards this ‘freedom’ might be to stop thinking of ourselves as Europeans, Kurt says. We’re Africans, now(The Afrikaner).

On one side of the street stand financial markets and men in pin-striped suits; on the other, sorcerers and sangomas. Right here, in the open heart of downtown Johannesburg, Africa and the West stare blankly at each other – the symbols of Anglo-Saxon economic power neatly juxtaposed against a parallel realm of African subconscious(The Afrikaner).

Now that the age of atonement has begun, that her volk’s wrongdoings will be exposed and purged, Zoe can allow herself to feel a hint of pride for what those early Huguenots in the Cape and their descendants were able to accomplish(The Afrikaner).