Pedablogy–popular name

[Note from 2013: This blog used to be called “PhilosoPedaBlogy,” so that explains the following post.]

I just found several blogs with a title similar to mine: Pedablogy. So there are several of us out there playing around with (bad?) puns!
One blog called Pedablogy is subtitled “Musings on the art and craft of teaching (colored by my view of the world as an economist)”. I found especially interesting his discussions of “what is a college course,” and considering the relationships between class time and texts. I have myself been thinking I need to reflect on (and post) something about the following: what do I think students should be getting out of coming to the class meeting? It should be more than repeat of the text, obviously, but what goals do I want to set for class time? That will be considered in a future post….
Another Pedablogy blog is by Seaghan Moriarty in Galway, Ireland, and is subtitled “An eclectic collection of articles, links and remarks about the potential of ICT to enhance education.”
Finally, there is Pedablogue, a blog that defines “pedablogy” as entries in Pedablogue. The author of this blog is a Professor of English, but he is going on sabbatical (and so is his blog) until August 2007. I think the archives will remain in place, however.