Back from maternity leave

Well, well…it’s been awhile. Far too long. I have been busy at home with a new baby boy, and have completely let this blog go. Letting blogs die a quiet death is a common blogger experience, I think. But this one is not quite dead yet. I am back from maternity leave, and though much of this summer will be spent working on research, I plan to add some new posts on teaching here as well. Coming back to the classroom after a year without teaching is, I hope, going to be an interesting and refreshing experience. I am excited to start up again, and catch up on the world of pedagogy blogging, in philosophy and other subjects.

My research this summer will focus on a paper about Michel Foucault’s views of the political role of intellectuals. This, actually, is relevant to teaching philosophy: part of what I am thinking about in that paper is what philosophers might do to “educate” their audience, to bring about social and political change, to be active citizens in their own communities. So I will be posting a bit about that, as well as about my thoughts on preparing for my upcoming courses.