Introduction: etmooc

I am taking part in a MOOC (massive, open, online course) focused on educational technology called etmooc. As part of that, I will have certain posts in the “etmooc” category that are designed for that mooc, specifically. I hope they will be interesting to my other readers as well!

This is just to introduce myself to the rest of the mooc: I’m Christina Hendricks, and I’m a Sr. Instructor in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia. A “Sr. Instructor” is a tenured, teaching-focused position (my merit and promotions are based on teaching and service, rather than research; though research on teaching counts!). I also teach in a first-year, interdisciplinary, team-taught course called Arts One. This is one of the three options for students in the Faculty of Arts to fulfill their first-year requirements. It is a year-long course, and students get 18 credits: 6 each in introductory English, History and Philosophy. I was Chair of that program from 2010-2012.

I am currently on sabbatical in Melbourne, Australia (July 2012-July 2013), and am doing research in the area of SoTL (the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning). Specifically, I’m interested in trying to analyze the value of the Arts One program for students. For more on my research this year, just look over my posts on this blog from the last 4-5 months! I’m particularly interested in peer assessment and feedback at the moment, but also in providing good feedback to students on writing, and how to effectively teach writing generally.

Looking forward to moving forward with the mooc, though I’m late in starting!


    1. It *is* great here! Of course, it’s especially great since it’s summer right now! We love it so much here we’d like to come back for our next sabbatical!

      Looking forward to reading your blog as well…it’s added to my Google Reader “etmooc” list!

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